• Efficiency. Quality. Results. Up-Time.

Summary of Services

  • Technical Support Services around the clock.
  • System project, installation, homologation and comission.
  • Resilient architectures and robust designs.
  • Redundant Contingency and Mirror Environments.
  • Services of Education and Operational Training.
  • Legacy Systems Maintenance to increase life-cycle.
  • Spare Parts and 360o Logistics turn-around.
  • Systems Laboratory and Documentation Centre.
  • Pro-active Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance to avoid down-time.
  • Quick detection, isolation, diagnostic, circumvention & correction of anomalies.
  • Interventions scheduling to reduce risks and impact.
  • Attention Centre and full telephone access.
  • Engineers and Technicians on 24h Stand-By.

NOVASIS Standard Technical Support Services cover, by dèfault:

  • 24h7d Voice Help-Desk.
  • 24h7d Remote Support.
  • 24h7d Hardware Repair on-site.
  • Parts & Modules Replacement.
  • Firmware & Software Update.
  • Complete Technical Support.