Storage Networks, Platforms and Systems.

SAN - Storage Area Networks & NAS - Network Attached Storage.

SAN Fibre Channel and IBM(R)FICON. SAN & NAS over Ethernet.

Original SAN/NAS Switches, Directors & Spare Parts.

Brocade Accreditation since 2004-2016 as Qualified Support Partner.

Brocade Branded & Brocade Acquisitions: InRange Technologies, McData Corporation & CNTech.

Engineers & Technicians Approved & Certified by InRange Tech & McData Corp. (MD-CMTA, MD-CMSP).

Engineers & Technicians Approved as Brocade Certified Professionals, as pioneers in Latin America - since 2004.

(BCFP - Broc.Cert. SAN Fabric Professional, BCSM - SAN Manager, BCSD - SAN Designer, BCAF - FICON Architecture).