Leadership in Photonics & WDMux. Wide & Metropolis Area Networks.

Full Band-Width for LAN Ethernet, SAN Fibre Channel & IBM(r) GDPS Sysplex.

Synchronous or A-synchronous Replicas. Disaster Prevention & Fast Recovery. Data-Centre Mirror.

Photonics for MAN Metropolitan & WAN Wide Area Networks up to 100 Gbps per Link.

WDM Optical Wavelength Multiplex as per UIT-T G.694.1 up to (120) Links per 'Dark' Optical Fibre.

Line-code or Coherent Links up to (80) 50GHz-Lambda on C-Band plus (40) 100GHz-Lambda on L-Band.

Metro Ethernet Access & Demarcation Monitor equipment.

ADVA Fibre Service Platforms - OTN, GFP, TDMux or Transparent.

ADVA Legacy Models Cell-ACE, Disk-Link, Opto-Mux & Covaro Ether-Jack.

ADVA Fibre Service Platform Models FSP-150, FSP-1500, FSP-2000, FSP-3000.

Firmware & Software Support for Links, Modules, Elements & Network Management.

NOVASIS VAR Value Added Reseller & ACE ADVA Certified Expert.