Resilient Systems

Smart Designs. Robust Equipment. Flawless Maintenance.

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Wave-crest Technology

Flash Memories. Storage Networks. Full Connectivity. Wire-Speed Links.

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Complete Technical Support

Engineering Services - Remote & On-Site. Parts & Modules. Attention 24h*365d.

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Technical Support Services - NOVASIS 24h

VOX   +0800-450-5050   (Brasil)

VOX +55-11-5641-5050 (Global)

Support Hands


High Performance Data Storage

100% Solid-State "Flash" Primary Storage - fast, simply fast.

NOVASIS and Technology Partners offer their fully electronic solutions to SAN or NAS attached Mass Data Storage solution with robust designs, unmatched performance, complete reliability and 24 hour support.

Solid-state technology entirely on semi-conductor elements, thus free of electro-mechanical latencies or delays, with NAND-Flash Memory Storage Arrays, stores data masses with compact density, low energy & heat, as well as amazing data throughput for any block size, efficiently surpassing legacy magnetic-disk systems, which nonetheless can be back-staged for secondary archival storage, thanks to the compatibility of physical and logical interfaces.

As usual with NOVASIS leading-edge initiatives, such as SAN Fibre Channel Storage Networks and Optical Multiplex WDM Metropolitan Replica systems, this technology will allow major differential advantages for our Customers to ensure wave-crest leadership.