Since 1991, equipment and technical services for information systems.
Headquarters in Sao Paulo SP, operations in Brazil and Latin America.
Engineers and Technicians certified on multiple platforms.
Customers in Finance, Government, Oil&Gas, Trade & Industry.
Accredited by the Manufacturers and Technology Partners.

The Company correlates opportunities and initiatives with Business, Community, State and Nature.

It is instituted by Ideology (Vision, Mission), Direction (Strategy, Tactics) and Execution (Policies, Norms).

Ideology is:

  • VISION - Useful Systems.
  • MISSION - Information Systems Engineering.
  • IDEAS - Firmness, Function & Form, Quality & Eficiency.
  • VALUES - Work & Citizenship, Leadership & Prowess, Social & Environmental Progress.

Targets are:

  • ENDS: Technical-Operational, Industrial, Commercial.
  • MEANS: Administration, Finance, Accounting, Fiscal, Legal.
  • BASE: Social, Ocupational, Environmental and Quality.

Objectives are:

  • To Apply Science, Innovate Technology, Invent Solutions, Qualify People and Charm Customers.